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Embedded finance

What to expect from Money 20/20 USA? SME support arrives on the agenda

With less than 3 weeks to go for Money 20/20 USA, we wanted to get an insight into what the speakers at fintech's biggest conference will be talking about. The line up this year is packed with exciting topics, but SME support stays at the heart of the agenda.

3 weeks to go for the biggest fintech conversation of the year!

Before we dive into the excitement of Money 20/20 USA, we wanted to get a primer on what to expect at the conference and how the speakers this year are recognizing that SME support should be at the top of the agenda.

Glimpse into the conference line up

  • Embedded finance helps business scale and expand globally 

The Money 20/20 USA line up is brimming with great speakers on embedded finance and how enterprise platforms can meet the financing requirements of their merchants with alternative finance.

One of the most exciting agenda items on this subject is “Can Embedded Fintech & Payments Help Businesses Scale and Expand Globally?" The speaker will be walking us through the questions platform enterprises generally have about the size of the market opportunity for embedded finance - and whether or not their business can benefit from scaling to global operations. The event will touch upon strategies from successful cross-border fintech businesses through Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe.

Our latest blog also puts a spotlight on the embedded finance landscape in the US, and will help listeners of this session navigate the global growth opportunities for their platform through embedded finance integrations. 

  • Driving a data-led industry transformation

Another exciting event on the agenda is “The Fintech View Powered by Citi: Driving a Data-Led Industry Transformation” by Naveed Anwar. 

It brings an important view on how platforms are more than just the ‘rails’ within an economy – they represent people, connectivity, data, and relationships. It’s a network that allows clients to navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Here, stakeholder management theory is an important theme as we’ve previously written about in “Embedded finance ecosystem: How the value chain works”. This talk will explore the unique position that platforms hold in the ecosystem; how the data they possess can be harnessed to benefit every stakeholder in the ecosystem.

This has proven true for embedded financial services and products since their interconnectivity with enterprise platforms allows them to use data points that were previously ignored in order to increase access to financial services. 

  • Building through cycles of uncertainty

Lastly, one of the most exciting events on the conference floor will be “Building Through Cycles of Uncertainty: A Conversation With Vinod Khosla,” which talks about how founders and leaders across the financial industry can navigate and survive through vulnerable times.

This is particularly relevant as we live through historic cost-of-living challenges for businesses post COVID-19. We’ve written before about the potential of working capital solutions as a source of support for businesses in the face of inflation. But that is just one example of how different players in the fintech industry can come together to create value for the whole ecosystem - something that is at the core of events like Money 20/20.

Emma Mills from Mastercard, the main guest at our upcoming webinar, “Supporting SMEs through the cost-of-living crisis” will be touching upon that subject as well. Mastercard - another headline speaker at Money2020 - is a great example of how platform enterprises can expand their role in propelling the financial inclusion agenda forward.

Final thoughts: SME support is the need of the hour 

With Money 20/20 USA almost upon us, the agenda line up has revealed an interesting look into what the pulse of the conversation will be on the conference floor. 

So, if you want to know what to expect in Las Vegas, be prepared for lots of talks on elevating the fintech offering and bringing in new, innovative solutions that push areas like SME support to the top of the agenda. 

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