WorkWave and YouLend partnership

WorkWave®, a leading provider of SaaS software solutions that support every stage of a service business’s life cycle, has announced its strategic partnerships with Wisetack, which offers pay-over-time for home services, and global embedded financing platform, YouLend. These partnerships will complement the already comprehensive financial services offered by WorkWave, giving their customers the ability to offer even more flexible payment options to end customers, while also giving WorkWave customers more flexible financing options that they can use internally, to help their business grow, when capital needs arise.

In an environment marked by economic uncertainty and persistent inflation concerns, flexible financing is vital. It is pivotal in the decision-making process for service purchases, both for households and businesses alike. WorkWave’s partnerships with Wisetack and YouLend will allow WorkWave’s customers to take their finances into their own hands, ensuring they support their customers with more flexible ways to pay in today’s economic climate.

YouLend is a leading global embedded finance platform. Businesses often need cash quickly to cover unexpected expenses or take advantage of business opportunities. However, they may lack the credit history, collateral, or time it takes to qualify for traditional bank lending. WorkWave’s partnership with YouLend will provide its customers quick and easy access to the additional capital buying power they need to make the most of these opportunities, combined with flexible repayment options.

“This partnership between WorkWave and YouLend ignites a new era of financial empowerment for businesses around the country,” said Ted Kirk, Country Head, US Strategic Partnerships, at YouLend. “With YouLend’s cutting-edge embedded financing platform and WorkWave’s commitment to customer success, businesses of all sizes can now access the cash they need swiftly and seamlessly without the barriers of traditional business funding, offering a pathway to growth without traditional constraints.”

“These new product offerings reinforce WorkWave’s commitment to helping our customers grow their business and maximize their money in ways they simply couldn’t if they were not WorkWave partners,” said David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “As a trusted partner, our customers rely on us to provide comprehensive solutions that impact all aspects of their business. These new credit solutions will provide them with the capital, speed and flexibility they need to grow.”

WorkWave initially announced its financial services suite of solutions in April 2022, and has since seen an impressive 40% increase in payments volumes since then. In addition to the new capital lending and pay-over-time solutions, the financial services product suite includes credit cards, payment processing and more. To learn more about WorkWave products, please visit