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Embedded finance
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Platform enterprises

Webinar: The embedded finance advantage for PSPs

Takepayments discusses embedded finance solution powered by YouLend

In an increasingly competitive market, payment service providers must cater to changing customer priorities. With more businesses shifting online and existing merchants reaching new levels of maturity, PSPs have to increase the breadth, depth, and quality of their services to remain a provider of choice.

To explore this in our webinar, Jodie Wilkinson, Head of Partnerships at Takepayments, will talk about how enterprise platforms are supporting their customers with flexible and affordable financing solutions for their merchants.

In this informative 20-minute webinar, the speakers will cover:

👉 The new role of PSPs in the payments industry

👉 How digitisation has changed the business needs of modern merchants

👉 The successes of embedded finance seen by Takepayments

“The ability to add additional features through YouLend’s product - it’s been game-changing for us! Whether it’s instant settlements or 4-click funding, we’re just interested in exploring it because we know it’s not only a benefit for us - but it's a massive benefit for our merchants.” - Jodie Wilkinson, Takepayments

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